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Dr. Menard has been serving Columbia and Central Missouri since 2001.  In that time, he has garnered a reputation as a doctor determined to educate and put patients first.  We consider our patients friends, and for that reason, prioritize honest diagnosis and treatment that strives to be complete, personalized, and efficient.  Healthy patients living pain-free, productive lives are what we want most, and the thousands of patients we have served are our most prized indications of success.
Steven Menard, D.C., FIAMA

Dr. Steve Menard became fascinated with neurology as an undergraduate student, and followed that fascination to what is now the University of Western States in Portland, OR.

Since then, he has practiced in Summit County, Colorado, and since 2001 here in Columbia, MO.

As a diversified practitioner, he is able to utilize a wide variety of approaches, creating a synergistic treatment that includes multiple soft-tissue modalities, multiple methods of manipulation both to the spine and elsewhere, as well as interaction with the nervous sytem by way of acupuncture. 


"Empowering patients to take charge of their health, and teaching them about the complexities of the miraculous human body is my favorite part of what I do. I promise always to give you an honest assesment of your condition, and to strive to return you to pain-free life as quickly as possible."

Dr. Steve Menard

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